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Because you were there i was able to smile

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You've witched me body & soul
Name: Ale
Age: 17 & growing up
About her: A calm person who likes to be most of her time in her house, nowhere like home♥. Loves to make graphics, such as icons/wallpapers/etc. Likes to write fanfics of her favorite band. Tends to be distracted by anything, loves ladybugs & rainbows. Speaks English %95, Spanish %100, Japanese %20 *still learning*
Music & Fandoms: Arashi(her favorite group), Johnny's groups, WaT, Ikimono gakari, Utada hikaru, Tohoshinki, SNSD, Hirai ken, Kara, Otsuka Ai.

Loves to make Friends♥
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Nombre: Alejandra *Alechan*
Edad: 17 años & sigue creciendo *desafortunadamente no de altura ;o;*
Sobre ella: Es del tipo calmado, que le gusta estar en casa -w-. Los icons/wallpapers/etc son su terapia, le gusta estar con sus amigas, es muy distraída 8D *de familia*
Le gusta mucho conocer a gente nueva, es fan de Arashi♥ el grupo que lleno su vida de arcoiris, catarinas & treboles ^^

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